Here are photos from the Second Photo Shoot, with some shots from the First Photo Shoot tossed in for good measure. You can also visit the Inago Rage homepage here for screenshots, preliminary artwork, and so forth.

Liu-Jun and Liu-Jin
Meena stands in for a shot of the Liu brothers, (Liu-Jun and Liu-Jin) composited against a test background.

Alina and Meenakshi Narayan
We lost Alina to the dark background. I tried brightening it up by adding an additional test photo.
A different, brighter background. Also brightened the wine glasses. The final scene, after a handful of filters plus dialogue. Blues and reds enhanced.

Spin Dominion
The depths of the Spin Dominion club, first with blue, then with green glow. Europa's hair is $1.60 worth of yarn from Walmart.

Europa and Henri
Europa got funky once we figured out that she should be wearing a hat. I'll probably add one to her digitally for the other scenes where she's hatless.

The Sex Scene
In one scene, we find out that Angelo has more than a working relationship with Meena. To further make this uncomfortable for the reader, we find out that Angelo is having his bodyguard, Liu-Jin film them. As we filmed, everyone who was at the shoot was hovering around this particular scene.

Artificial Lighting
Playing with tone curves. I settled on brightening the reds, brightening the dark blues, and darkening the bright blues in order to give scenes an artificial look. A big thanks to "Meena" for getting naked for us. The background is from a Viennese rug store.

Jerem tells Ise off. I'm trying for a transition from Brash Jerem to Sympathetic Jerem during the early story.

"Muskrat," one of the Ragers that Ise mentored, is her salvation after a death in the family. The background here is mostly hand-drawn.

Daisy reacts to the director in the... "React to the Director" exercise. No vertical torso stripes this time; her top is plenty futuristic as-is.

Spin Brothers
(Clockwise progression.) The green is drawn onto Ephram's and Dawrin's faces manually, then blended in. First attempt at a holo-computer. No smart-fabric yet.

Ise mocks Meena. Ise is a goofball.

Jerem Runs
The actors pull double-duty as stuntmen. Ryon helps Jerem lean into a run. The background is computer-generated. The wooden chair has got to go.

Coloration/Filtration Trials

The original Argon filter. You may remember it from Project Argon. Thus the name. No good.

Oil paint filter; much better. I tried using an overexposed look first.

Low saturation; interesting, but I preferred more color.

Red/Blue midtones enhanced.

First Shoot Mockups
These were constructed after the first shoot. The process I used for these makes them look too much like photographs. C.f. the Alina/Meena dinner shot.

Pile of Random Shots

A few poster shot tests. Early concept. These will be more interesting later, but one must start somewhere.
Elham as "Europa"
Mimi as Meena(kshi) Narayan
Unlikely to be used, but what the hell.

Raw poster shots of the rest of the cast:

Sue as Ise "Inago" Asahi

Nathan as Dawrin Spin (of the Spin Brothers)

Arthur as Henri Dumont

Chris as Ephram Spin (of the Spin Brothers)

Meeve as Liu-Jun

Meeve as his brother, Liu-Jin

Mark as Jerem Smith

Natalie as Alina Narayan

Vinod as Malcolm "Muskrat" Chandra

Anne as Daisy Leigh

Dan's head.
We're missing a shot of Ryon.

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