SwirlBoston Leaders
Susan Lambe is the Director of SwirlBoston. She began SwirlBoston, Swirl Inc.'s first satellite chapter, in 2002. Sue identifies as a mixed-race Asian American. In the Fall of 2006, she will begin her doctoral work in Clinical Psychology at UMass Boston. In June 2005, Sue completed her Ed.M. at Harvard University. She is a Research Assistant for Professor Kimberly Dacosta, who just completed a book called Making Multiracials (Stanford Press).

Please email Sue with questions about SwirlBoston, or if you would like to be on SwirlBoston's email list: [email protected] Also contact Sue if you would like to be on our SwirlBoston Google Group. 

Tanya Frank is a social worker (MSW,LICSW), working in a Boston public middle school. She has worked with urban youth for over ten years. Also, Tanya sings, professionally, outside of her regular full-time job. The bulk of music that she currently sings is gospel, and singing is partly how she keeps her sanity.

Tanya identifies as Black, White and Native American. She attended her first SwirlBoston event in November, 2002. Additionally, Tanya helps to plan and facilitate discussion groups.

Catherine Hinton was raised on a Pennsylvania farm by a black/Native American mother and a white father, both social activists. Babysat by Amish farmers as a child, she spent time in mainland China as a teenager, studying Chinese language, music, art and martial arts. She has worked as a counselor for emotionally troubled teenagers, a paralegal for a civil rights law firm specializing in police brutality cases, and a legal services provider for indigent residents of the Navajo Nation.

She is currently a criminal defense lawyer in Boston, providing legal representation to some of the most downtrodden members of society. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books and watching movies. Please email Cathy if you're interested in SwirlBoston's book/filmclub: [email protected]

Melissa Patrick, MSW has devoted her professional life to eliminating discriminatory practices and promoting inclusion in the education and employment sectors. As a trained educator and social worker she has taught learners of all ages, from school-age children in the classroom to adults in the workplace. She earned her BA in Urban Affairs and Elementary Education Certification from the University of Rhode Island in 1991. In 2000, she was granted her MS in Social Work from Columbia University in New York

Melissa has worked with various nonprofit and for-profit organizations helping to create and train programs on a variety of subjects from customer service and software to performance management and diversity. Currently, she teaches the graduate level course "Talking About Race and Anti-Racism" with Empowering Multicultural Initiatives, Inc. and is an adjunct faculty member at Framingham State College. Melissa helps coordinate family events and discussion groups for SwirlBoston. Please email Sue if you have an idea of a family event or discussion group topic: [email protected]

Pete Shungu is SwirlBoston's College Liason. Pete is originally from Jersey, and a graduate of Tufts University  ('03).  He helps out SwirlBoston by working with college students throughout Massachusetts to form Multiracial groups on their respective campuses, network with groups on other campuses, and become involved in Swirl. A former Americorps*VISTA, Pete has extensive experience working with college students and the larger community.  Please email Pete if your college group would like to connect with SwirlBoston: [email protected]

Aside from Swirl and community work, Pete is also a musician.  He plays trumpet and piano in multiple bands, and performs rhymes and spoken word poetry as a solo MC/poet.  You can find out more about Pete's musical endeavors on his website: www.afrodzak.com.

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